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Built-in independent oven
Multifunctional oven with steam function
Energy class:
Oven cooking modes: Steam (10), Steam (10) + fan, Steam (10) + ring heating element (20) + fan (30 ° C), Steam (30) + ring heating element (70) + fan, Steam + bottom heater + fan, Steam + fan (100), Steam + ring heater + bottom heater + fan, Steam + ring heater + fan (25/75), Steam + ring heater + fan (50/50) , Grill + bottom heat, Grill + bottom heat (80 ° C), Bottom heat, Grill, Ring heater + fan (humid), Ring heater + fan (LTC), Ring heater + bottom heater + fan, Ring heater element + fan, Grill + bottom heating + fan, Grill + fan
Anti Finger-Print Coating
Cooking levels: 3
Rapid heating function
Automatic temperature adjustment
Memory function for frequently used oven operating modes
Automatic cooking programs
Automatic cooking programs by weight
Electronic temperature control
Heat and hold function
Overtime function
Automatic shutdown function
Residual heat indication
Touch control
Multilingual display
Oven functions: Steam cleaning (2 cycles), Steam cleaning with time, Time display off, Clock, Water hardness setting, Reservoir cleaning, Temperature recommendation when selecting a mode, Delay, Cooking time, Electronic temperature control, End time , Fast heating, Favorite programs (20), Thermosensor, Automatic oven shutdown with a thermosensor, Temperature indication with a thermosensor, Food sensor estimation, Lock function, Temperature support, Temperature maintenance 65 ° C, Alarms on / off, errors, Languages ​​/ Text display, Memory storage – 1 week, Sound signal, Oven light, Temperature indicator during heating, Reset timer, Residual heat indicator, Residual heat indicator, Steam cleaning, Service codes, Set & Go function, 180 VarioGuide preset programs (weight / thermal sensor), 30 languages, 75 recipes (ingredients / method), Sound signal al, Auto power off (oven only), Alarm volume control, Check, Child lock (off mode), Cleaning reminder, Countdown timer, Day / night brightness, Steam cleaning, Demo mode, Descaling (steam) .Adjust display contrast and brightness
Halogen lighting
Automatic light on in the oven when the door is opened
Baking table on the inside of the door
The oven door is easy to clean: The inside of the door is a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.
The fan stops working when the door is opened
Cooling fan: The cooling fan starts automatically when the oven is on. It cools the interior of the oven and the heating and control elements.
Baking trays included: Easy-clean enamel tray, 1 Deep dripping pan gray enamel
Grilles included: 1 chrome
Demo Mode
Service Codes
Volume, l .: 70
Oven lining: Steam
Plug: Euro plug
Fuses, A: 16
Height, mm: 594
Width, mm: 595
Depth, mm .: 567
Niche height, mm: 590
Niche width, mm: 560
Niche depth, mm: 550
Maximum connection power, W: 3500
Power cord length, m: 1.5
Rated voltage, V: 230
Temperature probe: no
Connection: No
Complectation: TR1LFSTV, Water hardness teststrip
CookingFunctions: Keep warm, Damp convection, Pizza setting, Plate warming, Preserving, Slow Cooking, Steam reheating, True fan cooking, Turbo grilling, Bottom heat, Bread baking, Conventional / Traditional cooking, Defrost, Dough proving, Drying, Frozen foods, Full steam, Grilling, Humidity Cooking high, Humidity Cooking low
Oven lighting: 2 lights, Halogen lamp on the side, Halogen lamp on top

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