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Installation: Fully recessed
Number of loadable cookware sets: 13: According to the IEC standard, one cookware set includes a flat plate, a deep plate, a dessert plate, a glass, a cup and saucer, a knife, a fork, a tablespoon, a dessert spoon and a teaspoon.
Noise level: only 46 dB (IEC 60704-3)
Water and electricity consumption: 9.9 l, 0.921 kW for 50 ° economy program
Number of programs / temperature modes: 8/3
Program list: Standard 160 min, Quick 60 min, Standard 90 min, AUTO, ECO (4 hours), Self-cleaning, Quick 30 min, Pre-rinse
Drying system: Auto-open AirDry
Text / character control panel
Automatic shutdown function
Thermal efficiency system
Delayed start function from 1 to 24 hours
Remaining time indication
Water purity sensor: Detects the level of pollution and automatically adjusts the water consumption.
Salt and rinse aid indicator
Other indicators: Two-color beam on the floor, Beep, Start delay 1-24 h, Drying, Glass, Self-cleaning, Selected program, Add rinse aid, Add salt, Intensive wash
Upper basket with QuickiLift system
Upper Basket Features: 2 Soft Spikes Holders, Foldable Cup Shelf, Colored Plastic Handle
Height-adjustable upper basket even when loading
Features of the lower basket: 1 foldable plate shelf, Colored plastic handle
Cutlery basket
Leakage protection
Dimensions for embedding (H (min./max.) XWxD), mm: 820 / 880x600x550

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