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Induction hob
Hob with beveled frame
MaxiSight ™ color display
Control Panel Position: Front Right
Control panel backlight
Induction heating zones with “Booster” function
Cookware detection
Left near heating zone: Induction zone, 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
Left far heating zone: Induction, 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
Middle front zone: Induction, 1400 / 2500W / 145mm
Middle heating zone: No,
Near right heating zone: No,
Far Right Heating Zone: Induction, 2300 / 3600W / 240mm
Control lock
Child protection function
Safety features: Automatic shutdown
Audible alarm with shutdown option
CountUp timer
Eco Timer: The Eco Timer turns off the heating shortly before cooking, allowing residual heat to be used up, thereby saving energy.
Residual heat indication OptiHeat: 3-stage residual heat indication.
Easy installation: Thanks to the special mounting system.
Color: Dark gray
Surface Type: Induction
Maximum gas power, W: 0
Width, mm: 780
Depth, mm .: 520
Broach side infeed: 750
Frontal insertion of broach, mm .: 490
Installation Type: Independent
Handle color: No
Maximum connection power, W: 7350
Dish Holders: No
Power cord length, m: 1.5
Rated voltage, V: 220-240 / 400V2N

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